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Black-haired maiden

Black-haired maiden

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Frame (optional) specifications

Affiliation: KiKi Creative

Her style changes drastically depending on the materials and motifs she uses, and she is always able to draw a variety of different pictures.
While painting, I ask myself, "What should I draw? What style should I use?"
The women depicted in the paintings are smiling gently or with strong brushstrokes.
Sometimes she has an air of ennui.
The author himself is a very calm and talkative person. He enjoys skeletal fortune telling and personality diagnosis, and is always searching for the answer to "what is he?"
His work has been well-received since the beginning, even as his style has changed in various ways, as if he were searching for his true self.
The "ennui-filled woman" is still a popular motif.
He said, "I don't mean it that way, but..."
Her stylish, downcast expression is somewhat reminiscent of the artist and leaves a strong impression.
The flowers, drawn with a ballpoint pen, look as if they are overflowing from the vase.
It contains strength and seems to represent another side of the artist.

Production year: Unknown Technique and materials:
Size: A4 (297mm x 210mm)
*There may be slight differences in the details. Sign: None

Frame (optional) size: 420mm x 320mm x 20mm

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