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Majelka is a select shop selling products made by people with disabilities.

Since 2011, Majelka has been running a shop that collects unique art goods and beautiful handmade products made by people with disabilities at facilities for people with disabilities across Japan.
In addition to selling artworks here at "majercart," we also operate an e-commerce site for miscellaneous goods and a physical store in Kichijoji.

The name Majelka comes from the word "mix".

Compared to man-made forests where only cedars and cypresses are planted, natural forests with a mixture of various trees are said to have richer ecosystems and be more resilient against disasters.
The same is true in human society, and I believe that a society in which diverse, non-uniform people and values ​​coexist and mix together is a healthier and easier place to live for everyone.


Making it easier to interact with people with disabilities

Majelka believes that interacting with people with disabilities shouldn't be something only a select few can do.
As a way to enable everyone to have close contact with people with disabilities , we provide opportunities for people to easily see and touch the wonderful products and artwork they create in their daily lives.

We want as many people as possible to experience the joy that can come from incorporating these products into their lives, and the happiness that they bring to the disabled people who make them.

What is Welfare Trade?

What is Welfaretrade? It is the combination of welfare and fair trade.

At Majelka, we call our initiative "fair trade" and have been working since 2011 to fairly evaluate the value of products and artwork produced by people with disabilities in welfare facilities across the country and distribute them at fair prices and in a manner that reflects their value.

Fair trade not only increases the value of the creative activities and work of people with disabilities, but also increases their opportunities to connect with society, and leads to increased income and job satisfaction for them.

And for people with disabilities It is hoped that by making people feel closer to disabilities and by increasing the number of people who take an interest in them, the unconscious bias against people with disabilities that exists in society will be eliminated.

We hope that this will lead to the creation of a society that is kind to everyone.

In this way, "welfare trade" creates value for both people with disabilities and society.

Welfare trade is different from the traditional welfare market

It is important to focus not only on the areas in which people with disabilities need support (and what they cannot do), but also on the strengths they have.
The "welfare trade" that we at Majelka aim for is to evaluate the value created from this process correctly and calmly, rather than treating it less favorably because of a disability, and to deliver it to society.

It is a system that allows all parties - makers, buyers, and sellers - to connect fairly and be happy.
Welfare Trade

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