Welcome to the world of outsider art that enriches your feelings and living space!

Welcome to the world of outsider art that brightens your mind and your life!

Decorating with beautiful art not only makes a space look stylish, but it also has many benefits in many areas of your life.

In everyday life

A space decorated with your favorite art enriches the sensibilities of the people who live there.
It is also said to improve mental health and increase happiness.
It also allows for greater communication with family and guests.

At work

Just hanging one piece of art on a bare wall can completely change the atmosphere of the space.
In addition to the relaxing effect of changing your mood, art also has the effect of activating the brain.
Increases imagination and motivation.
It is also expected to improve communication with customers and within your team.

At a crowded store

Decorating the store with art creates an attractive atmosphere.
You can leave a lasting impression on your customers about the time they spent in your store.
It is also an effective way to start a conversation with customers.

Traditionally, purchasing art has also been a way of protecting and supporting the work of artists.
Furthermore, purchasing and displaying outsider art also conveys your understanding and concern for people with disabilities to those around you.

We have been active since 2011

Majelka strives to create a society where everyone can participate in fairs by delivering art and craft products made by people with disabilities to many people.

About majerca

We operate not only online stores but also physical stores in Kichijoji, Tokyo.

Majelka operates a shop in Kichijoji, Tokyo that sells unique, high-quality handmade and artistic goods, such as hand-woven items and pottery, made by people with disabilities.



Can I see the original artwork before purchasing it?

If you come to our Majeruka store in Kichijoji you will be able to see our works, so please feel free to contact us.
If you like a piece, you can purchase it on the spot. (If you want it framed, you may not be able to take it home depending on the frames in stock.)

I want to use outsider art in the design of products, advertisements, etc.

Is possible.
If you contact us using the form below, we will make suggestions and coordinate with your desired artists and groups.

Can I request a drawing?

Yes, depending on the artist, it may be possible to create an original work based on a theme or photo you provide. Please feel free to contact us using the form below.

I want to sell my work on Majelka Art

We do not do business with individuals, but if you are a group, please contact us using the form below.