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author: XL
Affiliation: SWING

Born in 1967. Resides in Kyoto Prefecture.
Since 2006, he has been affiliated with the NPO Swing.
He had difficulty expressing himself by writing or drawing, and said that he was "not good at it."
It was around the fall of 2013 that he started painting.
At first, he was drawing reluctantly, but as time passed, the oily sweat and tension on his face disappeared, and he became absorbed in drawing as his pen moved.
The joy of creating a work. The fact that many people can see the finished work. All of these experiences were probably a pleasant and fresh stimulus for him.
He had stubbornly refused to express himself, but now he had a look of happiness on his face that no one had ever seen before. From that day on, he began to paint enthusiastically every day.

Technique and materials: oil pastel, paper
Size: Quarter cut drawing paper (540mm x 390mm)
*There may be slight differences in the signature.

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