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Crystal Ring

Crystal Ring

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Frame (optional) specifications

author: Yoriko Yamamoto
Affiliation: KiKi Creative

A veteran author born in 1975.
His work has been used extensively, including packaging design for the Third World Shop, which sells fair trade and organic products, and for the shoe brand Le Talon.
Choose a theme like cosmetics or flowers and roughly draw lines with a pen.
He is particularly particular about his choice of colors. He enjoys pressing his face to the paper to let the ink soak into it, then paints in sections resembling the veins of a leaf.
The occasional inscriptions give a warm and gentle impression, reflecting the author's personality.

Technique and materials: Alcohol marker Size: A5 (210mm x 148mm)
*There may be slight differences in the signature.

Frame (optional) size: 320mm x 230mm x 20mm

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